Dental Emergencies

At Pershore Smiles, we are committed to providing you with the dental care you deserve. This extends to all aspects of our dental care, including dental emergencies.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are considered to be;

Severe Pain
Severe Swelling
Severe Bleeding
Severe Dental Injury

What To Do In Case Of A Dental Emergency?

We are proud to be able to provide same day dental emergency appointments. Simply ring our dental practice or send us an appointment request and our clinical team will arrange as convenient appointment as possible, to be able to deal with your concerns.

In Normal Surgery Hours

Call us on 01386 555 345

Monday – 9am to 5pm
Tuesday – 9am to 5pm
Wednesday – 9am to 1pm
Thursday – 9am to 5pm
Friday – 9am to 1pm

Out of Hours

Call us on 07495 555 003

Monday – 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday – 5pm – 11pm
Wednesday – 5pm – 11pm
Thursday – 5pm -11pm
Friday – 5pm – 11pm
Saturday – 9am – 11pm
Sunday – 9am – 11pm

Would Like To Join Practice Plan?

Contact us for more details or send us an appointment request for your first Oral Health Examination.


Practice Plan Dental Emergency Cover

Practice Plan patients can benefit from our in-hours and out-of-hours dental emergency arrangements, but also enjoy additional Practice Plan cover;

  • Out-of-hours dental emergencies through Practice Plan when required
  • Away from home dental emergency cover within the United Kingdom
  • Worldwide dental emergency cover
  • Trauma insurance within the United Kingdom
  • Trauma insurance worldwide