Dental Hygiene

Good dental or oral hygiene is the corner stone of a healthy mouth and overall health and well-being. Oral hygiene and dental disease have been linked to systemic medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes complications.

At Pershore Smiles, our dental hygiene service aims at prevention, education, and treatment of gum disease. We will guide you on how to maintain clean teeth, thereby reducing the likelihood of bad breath and dental decay.

Dental hygiene involves a change in behaviour relating to tooth brushing and flossing, reducing dietary sugars, as well as smoking cessation.

Good dental hygiene means less future dental treatment.

At Pershore Smiles, our experienced clinicians will always assess and report on your dental health through our Oral Health Assessments.

You must attend regular check-ups and follow our recommendations and advice about dietary sugars, social habits such as smoking and home dental hygiene techniques to prevent, manage and maintain your gum health.