Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental technique, which aims at removing the stains and discolouration deep within the tooth enamel.

It is the most common and popular non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure, which can greatly improve your teeth appearance and colour, as well as rejuvenate your smile.

It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist or a qualified and trained dental professional to perform such procedure. If not performed correctly, it can cause damage not only to your teeth but also to your gums and other mouth as well.

Am I able to have teeth whitening?

Most people can! Our experienced clinicians will be able to assess your dental suitability for teeth whitening. You must be in good general and dental health with healthy gums.

We also follow professional guidelines and recommendations for teeth whitening, including taking up-to-date x-rays of your teeth to identify any hidden and untreated dental disease, which may cause complications during your teeth whitening process.

If you would like to have teeth whitening, you can contact us – click here