Our Dental Care Ethos

At Pershore Smiles we believe that the mouth is an integral part of the whole body, affecting your confidence, social and general well-being. We are committed in supporting your choices to have perfect dental health and to providing you with high quality holistic dental care.

Our Dental Care Aims

Our principles of holistic dental care involves:

Helping you understand the importance and influence a balanced diet have on your dental health, aiming to reduce and prevent possible dental disease, such as erosion from acidic fruits/juices and decay from dietary sugars.

Helping you recognise, understand and whenever possible eliminate/reduce and treat the factors that influence and may lead to malocclusion (bad bite). This is particularly important for our children and during times of stress.

Helping you recognise, understands and whenever possible eliminate/reduce the factors contributing and influencing periodontal (gum) disease, such as smoking.

Minimising potential undesirable elements within restorative dental materials, such as mercury in Amalgam fillings. We aim to use the latest alternative dental materials and restoration available, such as composites (white fillings), ceramic inlay and crowns.